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Sleep Assault Fantasy

TW: Rape, Sleep Assault 

I can’t stop fantasizing about sleep assault, it’s my newest obsession. 

I don’t know why I just find it so hot. Being sleep, drunk, passed out and some perv takes full advantage of your body. It’s gross enough to think of some middle aged stranger even watching you sleep. In your thin panties with your ass hanging out of the bottom and your top half on. Watching your chest raise up and down as you breath and your nipples showing though the thin material. Sprawled out completely vulnerable and unconscious. 

He get’s excited and hard just from watching you, then he delicately moves your panties to one side and sneaks his fingers into your pussy, slowly so that he wont wake you and starts to massage you. In your dreams you’re imagining being touched by your dreamy boyfriend, unaware that the wetter you get the more you are buttering yourself up for some beer belly creeper who wants to fuck you without your permission. 

He puts his hands all over your soft breasts and slides your skimpy sleeping top up from obscuring the view. Your full round breasts are completely exposed for him. He realizes that if it were any other moment you would have rejected him smugly, but now he can do whatever he wants to your perfect body.

He slips the tip of his hard cock into your drooling mouth. It doesn’t feel like much, but it turns him on to rub his filthy dick allover your angelic face. He give you a slow shallow mouth fuck, and takes a picture of you with his cock in your mouth. He gives your shiny wet lips a massage with his dick head. You shift in your sleep and he backs off for a second but you lull back into a drowsy slumber.

He crawls onto the bed between your legs and slides you closer. He takes a nice long lick of your wet pussy and you taste so sweet. Mmmm All for me, he thinks to himself as he eats you out, drooling all the while. 

He gets up nervously to make sure no one is coming, and then he rips off your panties. He massages your pussy with his dick and then sticks it in. Fuck you feel so good, the youngest pussy he has had in years. You’re the type of girl who rejects him at bars and clubs and now he get’s to fuck you any way he wants. He rocks deeper and deeper into you. No condom. He wishes he could pound that slippery wet pussy but you might wake up. Still the urge is growing and he picks up the pace a little. This causes your bed to squeak as he rocks and your tits bob and slap against your skin. You moan a lusty school girl moan in your sleep which makes him chuckle under his breath. He pounds you quietly, cums inside of you and wipes his dick off on your mouth. Then he sneaks out.

*Disclaimer: Rape fantasies do not make legitimate rape ok. Just because someone has a rape fantasy does not mean they want to be raped. If you think it’s ok to rape/violate someone in their sleep you are lowest form of human scum to ever walk the Earth. All rape fantasies/ roll playing should be acted out carefully and with consent.*

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